Merendon Jewellery S.A.

Hello and welcome to the E-Commerce site of Merendon Jewelry. We are sure that you will enjoy the unique and exquisite products that have been hand crafted in our production facility located in the Republic of Honduras.

The corporation was created in 2001, and we established the first major jewelry manufacturing facility in Honduras. Our first objective was to build an environment in which we could develop craftsmen and women from the local population.

Accordingly, we began by recruiting two principal master craftsmen. Mr. Jeffery Miller (see Jeffery’s info here) from Canada. And Mr. Peter Kirkabeck (see Peter’s info here) from Denmark. Along with Mr. Luis Carbajal (see Luis' info here) from Honduras, this team oversees the production and ensures a high level of quality in all our jewelry.

We have created many specialized and one of a kind creations for your review and perhaps to form part of your personal inventory.

We also sell investment Gold in various forms, from raw and natural nuggets to good London delivery quality Bars and Wafers.

Our Mayan products, many of which are exact replicas of the actual Mayan dynasty, are certified by the governing body of the Federal Government of Honduras.

Please also be aware that most of our jewelry is hand made and of higher quality than most manufactured products of this nature.

Enjoy your shopping and if you have a special design you would like created, do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of Merendon Jewelry and its staff, thank you for considering Merendon as we know you have a choice.

Gary Sorenson
Merendon Group of Companies